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Beauty & Healing Products – That Make A Positive Difference 

My name is Jamie Geurtjens, and I created Clean Green Skincare over 6 years ago.  I needed to develop a range of skincare products that would not only make a visible difference in the look and feel of my skin, but would be safe to use on my family, including my small children.

My goal was to create a skincare company that offered both beauty and healing products. I needed to create products that cleared up my skin issues that had developed over the past few years, and were gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.  They needed to be affordable and they needed to make  a positive difference to the lives of the people who used them.  Each product would also have to consist of ingredients that were organically grown without harmful pesticides.

Six years ago I reached my goals and created Clean Green Skincare.  I have had amazing feedback from people and families who are enjoying the benefits of healthy, clean products that actually work.

By reducing our exposure to toxins from skincare products, foods and environment over the past two years, my family has been able to recover from illness and now live happier, healthier lives.

Protecting Our Environment

It is also important to me that our environment is well looked after, and I understand that anything that may be washed off us will make its way into our ecological system, where marine life can be affected. Therefore we choose the safest, most Eco friendly ingredients to help protect our environment.

Clean Green Skincare is working towards become a self-sustainable company that not only reduces it’s environmental impact, but actually benefits the earth.

Please Contact Me

I welcome any questions and comments, and look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to receive our fortnightly news and specials please send me your email address, and remember to join us on Facebook

Thank you very much for choosing to visit us at Clean Green Skincare,.


Jamie Geurtjens
Clean Green Skincare

Jamie Geurtjens






I also run the holistic health & wellness blog Jamie Geurtjens – so please join me there too.

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