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‘Love’ Essential Oil Blend

I'm mad on creating essential oil blends lately, everybody in my family has one of their own.  This is one of my favourite blends and i've simply called it 'Love' Blend because it just radiates love with it's fragrant oils, and is ideal for using to promote self love,...

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Make Your Own Sweet Orange Hand Cream

Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream Recipe A very nourishing and easy to make hand cream, that's bursting with the fragrance of fresh tropical fruit.  This hand cream has a gorgeous golden glow when using pure organic rosehip oil, so you get the orange tint without...

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Coconut Sea Scrub Recipe

  It’s so simple – Whip up this coconut sea scrub recipe in moments, and enjoy silky smooth skin this summer.  Ingredients 80g sea salt 20g coconut oil Method: In a bowl mix the soft coconut oil (room temp) with the sea salt until well combined.   Use as a whole body...

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Lemon & Lime Intensive Hand Cream

  With only 2 ingredients, plus essential oils and you can create this divine creamy lotion. Ideal for very dry hands, knees, elbows or even lips. I have used citrus scents, because I love love love them right now..and also because the hemp seed oil creates a...

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Chamomile Body Bars

  Chamomile, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oils combine to make these bars heavenly for dry skin.  A few drops of vanilla, mixed with the delicate chocolate scent of cocoa butter make a comforting fragrance.              You will...

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How to Get Perfect Skin

How to get Perfect Skin - In 10 Easy Steps. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s worth giving it a little bit of extra care.  Beautiful skin is healthy skin - You will not only be able to see the results of these simple skincare tips, but you will feel...

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Superfoods For Skin

  Holistic Nutritionist Kate Nisbet from 'Food as Medicine' shares her secrets for healthy glowing skin, including the Top 3 Superfoods for skin.  Kate Nisbet is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, especially...

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Jojoba Oil – It’s a must have!

  Jojoba oil has to be one of my favourite oils – in fact if I was stranded on a desert island it would be one of my must have items.  That may sound crazy that I would need this ‘beauty’ product so badly – but Jojoba oil is more than just another beauty product...

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