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Health, Beauty and Evening Primrose Oil 

(Article Written for ‘Oh Natural – Beauty Reviews’ by Jamie Geurtjens).

Evening primrose oil has been used for centuries to treat gynecological  digestive and skin problems with great success.  Originally given its name because the primrose plant flowers only at night.  Although it is originally from North America, this plant also grows in other parts of the world including New Zealand.  The therapeutic oil is taken from the seeds of the primrose plant, which contains high concentrations of GLA  – Gamma Linoleic Acid,  which is very similar to Omega-6, an essential fatty acid. Evening primrose oil is well known for the positive effects that it can have on the skin when applied externally.  It has powerful anti-aging properties, rejuvenates dull skin, relieves itching, dryness and relieves redness.  As well as applying evening primrose oil to the skin, you can also receive amazing health benefits from taking evening primrose oil capsules internally.

10 Amazing Reasons to take Evening Primrose Oil

1 – Provides shine, moisture and strength to brittle hair and nails.

2 – Treats inflammation and pain associated with arthritic conditions

3 – Enhances wound healing and prevents scaring

4 – Treats symptoms of menopause, including mood swings and hot flushes

5 – Treats menstrual symptoms, including relief from cramps.

6 – Treats PMS, providing relief from cravings, inflammation, mood swings and pain.

7 – Can reduce asthma symptoms and allergies.

8 – Can boost serotonin levels in the brain.

9 – Helpful in treating additions to foods and alcohol

10 – Can aid in reducing high blood pressure

Always choose a good quality Evening Primrose oil supplement from a health store or practitioner.  The GLA level is important and you will want at least 80mg of GLA per 1000mg capsule, and benefits are more likely when taken 3 x daily.

If suffering from a particular health condition it is always important to seek the guidance of a qualified naturopathic doctor, as they will be able to determine the correct dosage for your health needs. Avoid evening primrose oil if you are pregnant or have epilepsy.

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