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It’s so simple – Whip up this coconut sea scrub recipe in moments, and enjoy silky smooth skin this summer. 

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Coconut Body Scrub Recipe


80g sea salt

20g coconut oil


In a bowl mix the soft coconut oil (room temp) with the sea salt until well combined.  

Use as a whole body exfoliant, and skin moisturiser.  It can make the bottom of the shower a little slippery, so avoid using on the bottoms of your feet, or use in a warm bath.  Makes 100gs of body scrub.  Store in an air tight jar to avoid moisture.  

Note: You can add 8 – 10 drops of your favourite essential oils, but I love the smell of fragrant coconut oil for this scrub. This makes the ideal scrub for using before applying your organic Eco Tan – Gradual Tanner.

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