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With only 2 ingredients, plus essential oils and you can create this divine creamy lotion. Ideal for very dry hands, knees, elbows or even lips.

I have used citrus scents, because I love love love them right now..and also because the hemp seed oil creates a lovely natural green lime shade. Hemp see is full of healing properties, and its one of my favourite healing oils. Shea butter is full of nourishing moisture. A little of this cream goes a long way, so it is really good value for money. During the hot summer months, swap the citrus essential oils for cooling peppermint.

This recipe will make 1x 100g jar of hand cream – but you can easily double, or triple the mixture to make more.

lemon lime hand cream recipe
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You will need:

70 gs shea butter

30 gs hemp seed oil

20 drops lime essential oil

12 drops lemon essential oil


Very slowly melt the shea butter and hemp seed oil together in a pot, or double boiler.  Be careful not to over heat the oil as it will lose some of its healing properties. Remove from the heat and add the essential oils.  Stir well to combine.  Leave the mixture to cool.  Once it has cooled and firmed, you can mix it again, or whip with an electric hand mixer for a creamer consistency. 

How easy was that? Done! Spoon the hand cream into a glass jar and store in a cool place.  During summer store it in the fridge. For another citrus DIY recipe try this easy Orange & Apricot Salt Scrub

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