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love oil
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I’m mad on creating essential oil blends lately, everybody in my family has one of their own.  This is one of my favourite blends and i’ve simply called it ‘Love’ Blend because it just radiates love with it’s fragrant oils, and is ideal for using to promote self love, or creating a stronger sense of love between to individuals.  

‘Love” Essential Oil Blend:

Add to a 10ml amber dropper bottle:

5 mls pink grapefruit essential oil

2 mls tangerine essential oil

2 mls lavender essential oil

1 ml rose essential oil


Mix oils into a dropper bottle and use in an oil burner.  Dilute 10 drops of oil into 20 mls of a base, such as olive oil for using in massage.  

Keep out of sunlight and always label your oil blends. Enjoy x 

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