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How to get Perfect Skin – In 10 Easy Steps.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s worth giving it a little bit of extra care.  Beautiful skin is healthy skin – You will not only be able to see the results of these simple skincare tips, but you will feel healthier too. You have often wondered how to get perfect skin..well here is your quick and easy how to guide!

1 – Hydrate.  Drink up! Drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day will help to hydrate skin.  Dehydrated skin causes wrinkles and fine lines to become more noticeable, where drinking water plumps up the skin and makes them appear less noticeable.  Water also flushes out toxins from the body, which could be causing acne, and other skin issues.

2 – Let Skin Breath.  Make up can clog pores, so even if you wear make up through the week to work, have at least one makeup free day during the weekend.  Your skin will thank you.

3 – Sleep well.  We all look older when we look tired.  Rested skin looks fresh, radiant and younger.  A good sleep also helps lower stress levels, so it’s worth going to bed a bit earlier.

4 – Exercise.  Get moving! Exercise gets the blood pumping, which in turn can help remove toxins and give skin a healthy glow.

5 – Exfoliate.  Don’t just cleanse. But exfoliate too.  A gentle exfoliant that contains natural pumice will remove dry, dead skin cells and give your skin an instant radiant appearance.

6 – Detox the Skin.  This is much easier than you may think.  A little squeezed lemon added to your daily water intake is a great way to breakdown and remove stored toxins from the body.  Lemon is also high in vitamin C, which is vital for cell renewal.

7 – Get more antioxidants.  Antioxidants speed up your skin’s natural repair system, and help to prevent further skin damage.  Add antioxidants to your diet with fresh citrus fruits, and sip white or green tea.

8 – Feed the Skin.  Use a good quality face cream, with therapeutic oils such as evening primrose, jojoba and rosehip oils.  These nourish the skin, feeding the skin cells, and providing beautiful glowing skin.

9 – Cut out Bad Fats.  Fats such as trans fats and some saturated fats not only clog arteries, but the pores of your skin as well.  This can cause breakouts, redness and an oily t zone.

10 – Be sun safe.  Sun is one of the biggest agers of skin, and can make us look old well before our time.  Wear a sun hat while out in the garden, and avoid sunburn at all costs.  Use an organic sunscreen under your face cream. 

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