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There is a lot of controversy about the safety of parabens within skincare products and cosmetics.  I have read  many studies that indicate that parabens can cause many health issues, such a breast cancer.  Unfortunately our bodies come into contact with many other toxins throughout the day that often can’t be helped.  These may include car exhaust fumes, chemical and pesticides in foods skincare products that are not organic, and other sources.  I feel that if there is someway that we can cut down on toxins entering our bodies, such as parabens, then we owe it to our bodies to do so.

‘Clean Green Skincare’ does not contain any parabens – and I suggest that you go through your bathroom cabinets and take a look at the labels on the back of your other products.  You may find them hiding in your children’s bubble bath, or shampoo.  What about your make up?

Still not convinced about parabens?  – this is a great article written by Brenda, at the Brest Cancer Sisterhood.  It not only explains the how parabens can cause cancer, but it looks into the negative effects that parabens have on breast cancer recovery and treatment.


Brenda’s Blog Post –

“Parabens and their links to breast cancer are in the news again. Widely used as preservatives in many cosmetic and toiletry products like antiperspirants, parabens have been found to have an estrogen-like effect in the body, and estrogen is an established risk factor for breast cancer. Numerous studies have questioned whether parabens can be linked to the development, growth and progression of breast cancer. Most recently, the University of Reading, in England, studied 160 tissue samples from 40 women who underwent mastectomies between 2005 and 2008. This month, the findings were published online in the Journal of Applied Toxicology.

Ninety-nine percent of tissue samples were found to contain at least one paraben and 60 percent of samples were positive for five of the most common parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben). Most importantly, women who said they never used deodorant–most deodorants are known to contain parabens–had measurable parabens in their breast tissue. The implications of this study seem to indicate that parabens are entering the breast from sources other than deodorant. 

The study’s chief researcher, Dr. Philippa Darbre, did a similar but smaller study in 2004. The levels of parabens found in her most recent study were four times higher than the 2004 study. “Since 2004, many manufacturers, although not all, have been removing parabens from the underarm deodorant/antiperspirant products and so I was rather surprised when we found higher levels of parabens in these (more recent) breast tissues,” Darbre said. Dr. Michael J. Thum, vice president emeritus of epidemiology and surveillance research for the American Cancer Society was quick to point out that just “because parabens were detected in the majority of the breast tissue samples cannot be taken to imply that they actually caused the breast cancer.”

So, where does this most recent study leave us? Should we avoid products that contain parabens or should we wait until more and larger studies are conducted? Dr. William Goodson, principal researcher at the California Pacific Medical Center says that methylparaben can also interfere with the effectiveness of drugs used to fight breast cancer. Goodman took noncancerous breast cells from high-risk patients, grew them in a laboratory and found that once the cells were exposed to methylparaben, they started behaving like cancer cells. Tamoxifen, a drug designed to prevent or treat cancer, slows down the growth of both healthy and cancerous breast cells and ultimately leads to their death. However, when tamoxifen was introduced in the lab, the cells exposed to methylparaben kept growing and didn’t die. “Methylparaben not only mimics estrogen’s ability to drive cancer, but appears to be even better than the natural hormone in bypassing the ability of drugs to treat it,” Goodson said.”

For the full article please visit the link below.

Read more:’s_Blog/post/Do_Parabens_Cause_Breast_Cancer/#ixzz2NkLFffHJ

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