Organic Skincare for Health & Beauty – Clean Green Skincare provides you with an affordable organic skincare range for beautiful, radiant and glowing skin. Our organic skincare products contain therapeutic herbs and essential oils that are well known for their anti-aging solutions, combating acne, dry skin, eczema, scaring and sunspots.

Handmade from natural and certified organic ingredients such as New Zealand beeswax, jojoba and rosehip oils to ensure that they are of the highest quality.  

No Chemicals and Pesticides – Organic ingredients have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, protecting you and the environment.

No Plastic Containers or Packaging– We use eco-friendly glass containers not only to protect the environment, but to ensure that the toxins found in plastic containers are not absorbed by you through your skin.

Comprehensive Range – Our organic skincare range includes Beauty Products, Healing Products, Lip Balms, Massage Waxes and for that someone special in your life, or to treat yourself, take a look at our range of Gift Packs.

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The Biggest Health Tip Ever!

Feed the good bacteria and discover a healthier you. (Article originally written for, and published by, Natural Arena.  By Jamie Geurtjens) This little community that lives in our gut is often forgotten, but it is the key to our health and well-being.  The digestive...

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Parabens – Your body doesn’t need them!

There is a lot of controversy about the safety of parabens within skincare products and cosmetics.  I have read  many studies that indicate that parabens can cause many health issues, such a breast cancer.  Unfortunately our bodies come into contact with many other...

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Chocolate Body Bars – DIY at home

Chocolate Body Bars Divine little bars of chocolate butter – Melts into your skin, leaving your body soft and moisturized.   You will need: 30g Beeswax 10g Almond Oil 28g Cocoa Butter 41g Shea Butter 2-3 Tea Spoons Fair-Trade Organic Cocoa  Melt all ingredients...

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